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4 Ingredients Gobi Roast

  •   Apoorva Shetty
  • 14 Feb 2021
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  • 4 Ingredients Gobi Roast

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    4 Ingredients Gobi Roast

    Honestly, I am a little embarrassed to add this as a recipe even. But as I was talking to people, I understood that a lot of them were under the impression that cauliflower was a really difficult vegetable to cook and never tastes as good as it does in restaurants. This simple recipe is here to bust that myth. I have been making gobi roast at-least once a week - Initially because it was so easy and hassle-free (2 keywords that impressed the lazy chef in me), but these days just because of how tasty it actually is. You have to try it to really understand what I’m saying!

    Have these?

    Grab These (4)

    • Cauliflower florets - 500 gm
    • Red Chili Powder - 2.5 tbsp
    • Salt to taste
    • Oil - 5 tbsp

    Magic Begins Here

    1. Wash your cauliflower thoroughly and cut into little florets.
    2. In a kadai , add oil. Once it heats up add all the florets, red chili powder and salt.
    3. Mix thoroughly and let it cook for 15-20 minutes. Keep stirring after every 3-4 minutes. You are done when the florets turn tender and have that amazing coating of oil and red chilly powder wrapped around them.

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