Instant Dosa

  •   Apoorva Shetty
  • 07 Mar 2021
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  • Instant Dosa

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    5 mins


    5 mins



    Instant Amazing Dosa

    I live to eat Dosas! Those pretty little circular beauties bring so much joy in my life 😍 They go well with anything or everything. Just a simple coconut chutney or a bowl of fancy chicken ghee roast and everything in between!


    The one thing about dosas that stopped me from making them more often was the pre-soaking and grinding process. Again they are not that difficult to do, but I just would not remember to soak it all in time. Here I bring an instant dosa recipe that tastes bomb and literally takes 10 minutes from start to end!

    Have these?

    Grab These (7)

    • Rava - 2 cup
    • Wheat Flour (Atta) - 1/2 cups
    • Water - 3 cups
    • Green chilies - 2 minced
    • Onion - 1 chopped
    • Coriander leaves - a handful
    • Salt to taste

    Magic Begins Here

    1. In a mixing bowl , add rava and atta. Slowly add water and mix well till it form a runny paste. Now add all the chopped veggies and salt.
    2. That’s it! The dosa batter is ready to use!
    3. Enjoy it with aloo masala and coconut garlic chutney.

    With this batter, the solid part tends to settle at the bottom and the more watery part tends to float on top. This is perfect - Each time you are ready to transfer some to your skillet, mix the batter well and take the thinner part from the top. This will ensure the dosa is crisp!

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