Meal Prep: for Non Vegetarians

Meal Prep for all Non veg food lovers

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The Easy to Follow

Mostly bought with home cooked

The Medium Mix

Homemade delicacies + easygoing meals

Meal Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
πŸŒ… Morning Shot Mint+Coriander Mint+Coriander Hot Water+Lemon Hot Water+Lemon Lauki Shot Lauki Shot Lauki Shot
🍳 Breaky Dosa+Chutney Rava Dosa + Chutney Egg Sandwich French Toast Upma Pancakes Continental Spread
🍚 Lunch Roti+Egg plant roast Rice+Daal+Gobi Fish Steak + Veggies Roti+Egg Curry+Veg Noodles + Ch Chicken Ghee rice + Ghee roast Leftovers
β˜• Snacks Coffee + Bingo Cold Coffee + Britannia Cake Badam Milk + Bingo Tea + Fried chicken Green Tea Coffee + Biscuit Coffee + Biscuit
πŸ› Dinner Repeat Repeat Roti+Paneer curry Repeat Repeat Repeat Eat Out / Order In
πŸ₯› Night Drink Hot milk+Haldi Ajwain kashaya Warm water + jeera Hot milk+Haldi Warm water+jeera Ajwain Kashaya Warm water + jeera

The Gourmet Delight

Homemade delicacies to satisfy your buds

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