Day 2 : Keep at it

Day 2 is here!! Yaay pat on back for a successful debut.

Hunger pangs? None
Sugar cravings? Ton

I was surprised that I did not feel any hunger though we had reduced our meals to just 2 in a day. I think this was because we listened to Dr. Berg and made sure we were not cutting down on the amount we were eating. We were merely cutting down the times we were eating to make sure Insulin was not activated often. This made sure we had enough food in the system for our bodies to fuel itself.

Major sugar cravings did happen. Having a dessert after most of our meals had become our norm, and we definitely missed that a loooot. That got us to talking about what sweetener’s were keto friendly. Found out that Stevia was a natural sweetener and a sugar substitute derived from the leaves of a plant native to Brazil and Paraguay. Might consider using it at some point - not for now.

Goal : 2 meals per day (one at 12pm, the next between 6pm-8pm.

Day 2 - Meal 1

Fried Fish and Stuffed cabbage rolls

- Strawberries, Cucumber, Tomato, Cashew and Almond Nuts
- In a saucepan, added a spoon of pure coconut oil. Tossed the cut capsicum pieces and let it sauté on high flame till it charred at the ends. Then added the chopped mushrooms and spinach, salt and pepper and closed the lid. The mushroom and spinach oozed out water and then sautéed both with the lid open till they were dry. Set aside.
- In the same pan, added one more spoon of coconut oil. Add chopped capsicum and fry, add small pieces of tomato and sauté for a minute. Now add boneless chicken pieces, salt, chilly powder, pepper and I also added a pinch of chaat masala. Thoroughly cooked and let it dry out.
- In a bowl added salt, red chilly powder, haldi and lemon juice. Mixed thoroughly. Rubbed this mixture on the fish and fried both sides.
- Boil a whole cabbage in a big boiling bowl of water for 5-6 minutes. Separate a few bigger leaflets and fill the chicken mixture and roll them up (like you would roll a shawarma) i.e. mixture at the center, fold the left and right portions on top of each other and then the bottom and seal the top. Shallow fry the rolls.
Boiled an egg for 10 minutes. Sprinkled salt and pepper on it.

Day 2 - Meal 2

Chicken salad, scrambled egg and veggies

- Strawberries, Cucumber, Tomato, Pistachios and Almond Nuts, melted cheese

- Same spinach from above.
- In the same saucepan scrambled egg with some salt and pepper.
- Again in the saucepan, add a spoon of coconut oil. Add roughly chopped capsicum and fry for a minute. Add tomatoes and cook for another minute. Next go in the mushrooms and chopped cabbage leaves. Add salt, pepper, red chilly powder and mix away. Add chicken and let it cook with lid closed. Once chicken is cooked, evaporate all the water .

Nothing fried for meal 2! And there we have it - Another successful day of keto. System feels good - or atleast so I think.

Lots of Love,

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