Day 1 : New Beginnings

Frankly speaking, day 1 was the easiest day!

All pepped up to start this new magic diet we’ve been researching about for sometime now, we had all our keto grocery shopping done on Sunday. We were to begin the journey from Monday - April 5th 2021!

By now we knew what we could and could not eat on the top of our heads. When we entered the grocery store, we had a plan and we were at it. Start right from the first aisle and see what makes the mark. This was the first time we were flipping the products to see the ‘ingredients’ and the ‘nutritional information’ section and not just the price :P - Woah they’ve been mentioning all of this detail all this while, we thought to ourselves 😮😫


As we walked through the store it was funny how certain aisles were a complete No-No now, which otherwise were our favorites. We would spend hours there looking at the new flavors of ice-creams, cakes, ice-cream cakes and whatnot.

Also, let me put this out there - eating healthy is a little more expensive than otherwise. After doing this for a while I would say its worth the extra cost. Because you paid more, you make sure to not waste a single thing you bought (frankly during our normal shopping times, at the end of the week there was some stuff I have had to throw away) and value it so much more.

Ok, so what was our first keto meal. Oh, and did I mention that we were doing intermittent fasting along with the keto diet.

Goal : 2 meals per day (one at 12pm, the next between 6pm-8pm. This way we get a good 14-16 hours of fasting each day.

Day 1 - Meal 1

Fish N Chicken with salad and nuts

Time : 12:30pm IST

So I knew we had to do a ton of (70%) low-carb veggies, 25% protein and 5% fat. I opted for a mackerel fry and 3 small pieces of fried chicken for the protein part. Cashew and almond nuts along with a spoon of melted mozzarella cheese for fat and cucumber, tomato, spinach, capsicum, mushrooms and some colorful strawberries for my low-carb veggie intake.

Strawberries, Cucumber, Tomato, Cashew and Almond Nuts, Melted cheese (oven melted)
In a saucepan, added a spoon of pure coconut oil. Tossed the cut capsicum pieces and let it sauté on high flame till it charred at the ends. Then added the chopped mushrooms, salt and pepper and closed the lid. The mushroom oozed out water and then sautéed both with the lid open till they were dry. Set aside.
In the same pan, added one more spoon of coconut oil. Transferred the chopped spinach, a pinch of salt and pepper - lid closed. Spinach oozes out lots of water and softens. Open lid and let the water air out.
In a bowl added salt, red chilly powder, haldi and lemon juice. Mixed thoroughly. Rubbed this mixture on the fish and fried both sides.
In the previous saucepan, added a spoon of butter. Added the chicken pieces. Sprinkled salt, chilly powder and kasuri methi and fried on both sides!

Day 1 - Meal 2

Time : 8:30pm IST

Repeated the exact same plate for the second meal. Did not do great with maintaining the timings, but hey this was a great start!

Lots of Love,

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