The Keto Project - Prologue

Prologue : How it all started?

Yes! I jumped on the bandwagon. What a blissful day it was - The 5th of April 2021 :)

For a long time now, I have been feeling well how do I say this, FAT. Especially around the face, shoulder and lower belly. The novel coronavirus transformed lives in many ways - In the initial days of the damned lockdown (I’m talking April 2020 - June 2020), getting out, meeting friends, trying a new outdoor activity- everything hit the pause button. We tried to remain positive (pun not intended) in our approach to this whole new situation. Well, it cant be that bad we said - We’ll get to spend more time together, we’ll finally get started with our travel blog with all this extra time in hand, and the major one - Now that we cant eat from outside, we’ll start eating ‘healthy’ home cooked meals. And boy did we know what ‘healthy’ was.

What was thought to be a couple of weeks of lockdown, turned into months and then a year passed by - the frustration had given way to cravings, tons of them. Every meal was being treated as a Friday party - loaded with carbs, sugar and a big dessert. Slowly and steadily without even realizing it we had put on a lot of weight. The bloated-up feeling had become a constant companion and being irritable was the mood of the day. We knew something was not right, something had to be done - but what?

pink and white plastic toy Neither of us were nutritionists/food coaches who had a fancy meal plan hidden in our backpacks that could show us the way ahead.

Finally, we decided - Let’s research.

Before jumping into anything without really knowing the in’s and out’ of it - this time let’s know exactly what it is, what it does, where are we and where we want to get, how feasible does it sound and all that analytical approach that our work had taught us to implement all these years came to play (we both work as business analysts, so you understand). Oh, and mind you this came after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at randomly eating healthy i.e. without knowing what really eating healthy meant, a couple of weeks of 7am jogs at a local beach and some other ideas/plans we tried on the way to pacify ourselves into believing we are doing something about it.

And then came Dr. Berg!

Lots of Love,

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