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Hi I’m Apoorva. A lazy chef! Love to experiment with food and bring out the best. Look around for any recipes that you like and share it with your loved ones.

I am by no means a trained cook. I work a 12 to 9 IT job and balancing that with a fluid life at home is what taught me cooking! I love organizing and planning everything to the dot and thus began my journey of learning to cook the best of dishes with minimal steps and clean ingredients. I am a sucker for good health and have learnt tons of hacks to incorporate in my daily life to make sure I am doing my best at keeping a good tab at whats goes inside my body. We follow no diets here at hungryaf.in. We believe that everyone should learn to cook for themselves and be super involved in the what goes into their food and ultimately into their body!


My first memory of cooking?

😇 This story always gets a smile on my face! Back when I was in college getting my engineering degree like all of us, me and my gang of friends loved bunking classes and exploring the city. We would always end up in a friends house hungry. With limited money and unlimited hunger we would accumulate some money and buy 500gm chicken, some tomatoes, onions and greens! At the time 2 of my girlfriends were extremely inclined to cooking and would always cook a ‘1-pot chicken pulav’. They were the expert chefs and the rest of us were assistants assigned tasks like washing veggies, cutting veggies etc, making raitha etc! 😁

So yeah, chicken pulav was one of the first recipes that began and got me interested in cooking.


Why hungryaf.in?

Being the obsessed organizer that I’ve become, I started writing down all my recipes and easy knick knacks learnt on the way in my book. My mother had an old book full of interesting recipes which we would refer to every once in a while while growing up! I’d thought I would have my own version of a cookbook of sorts! This was the time I had begun my travel blog and had started enjoying writing pages and sharing my stories with the world! Thus came the idea of making a food blog - where I could still look back and refer to my own recipes and hopefuly on the way help others too!


What is hungryaf.in?

Here’s the thing - Both me and my husband are big time foodies and travellers! Every place we’ve travelled we lovve indulging in the local cuisine and make it a point to only savour local dishes. Once we were back home, and as I started looking for the recipes of the dishes, they all looked like a lot of hard work. So I started creating my own easy versions of these dishes based on what it tasted like and most of the times we loved it!


Cooking is a beautiful process as long as you enjoy it. You have to always be excited to see and taste the end product. It is afterall creating a brand new product 3 times in a day atleast! The fun goes away when the process is hectic, hence I try to keep it super simple and easy and build on as the dish progresses!

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